What transpires when you pair the most enigmatic and alluring female vocalist of  
"THE" Detroit music underground with a band of resolute, hard-bitten street-fighters?
What happens when you put them in a packed rock and roll pub, \ with no holds-
barred and a bank of microphones running?

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre" delivers the answer.

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre" is the live album from Niagara and the Hitmen,
recorded in Australia on one special night in February 2008.  

Today she's a well-known artist with a worldwide following, but for most of the 1970s and a
good part of the '80s, Niagara was singer for Destroy All Monsters, an amazing collision of art
rock and Stooges skronk. Starting life as an atonal musical experiment by a group of film
students with no grounding in rock and roll, DAM developed an altogether different sensibility
with the recruitment of guitarist Ron Asheton, late of the Stooges. The band unleashed a
succession of singles, toured the Midwestern US, Canada and Europe and carved out a
committed audience of fanatics still revelling in the wake of punk rock's wave and the legacy of
forebears like the Stooges. Asheton became Niagara's muse and long-time collaborator, with the
pair going on to be the constants amongst Dark Carnival, a rotating cast of Michigan punk and
underground luminaries.

It was Dark Carnival's 1991 tour of Australia that sowed the seeds of "Valentine's Day
Massacre". Supports were the Hitmen, one of the country's pre-eminent regiments of rock and
roll soldiers, featuring Radio Birdman guitarist Chris "Klondike" Masuak and Birdman's backing
vocalist Johnny Kannis. The Hitmen were a mainstay of the thriving '80s Australian scene,
impeccably qualified and one of the hardest-working outfits to grace a stage anywhere.
Consider their record and some of the people to pass through the ranks: At one early stage,
their ranks contained two ex-Birdmen - and a Saint. One line-up (without Kannis) was
borrowed by Rob Younger to become the first live version of the New Christs. They were a
launching pad for guitarist Brad Shepherd and drummer Mark Kingsmill to join the Hoodoo
Gurus. They were poised to crack mainstream after being signed to a succession of major labels
and when that came to grief, but they soldiered on. Because rock and roll was in their veins.

They were a perfect match to tour with Dark Carnival and they did so for 43 shows, the length
and breadth of Australia. But fast forward 16 years... It's 2007 and Niagara had long retired
from the stage and returned to Australia for an exhibition of her art. Masuak and Kannis had
been hatching a plan to re-form the Hitmen. It was an opportunity too good to miss.

The re-constituted Hitmen set the scene in a suburban beer barn called The Crest Hotel, in the
southern reaches of Sydney, Australia. Their ranks now included Kannis, Masuak, longtime
comrade Tony "The Kid" Robertson on bass, ex-Fun Things/Screaming Tribesmen drummer
Murray Shepherd and Kannis solo band guitar sideman Tony Jukic. A crack line-up. They played
a riotous mini-set, lead vocalist Kannis departed…and Niagara materialised. Now you can hear
the result.

"St Valentine's Day Massacre" is 10 tracks of brutish rock and roll of the kind you
don't very often any more. It's a steel-edged, uncompromising set of Destroy All
Monsters and Stooges classics, projected in a way that only Niagara can. Her set's
capped by a new Hitmen tune ("Another Lost Weekend") and a lesser-known Radio
Birdman song ("Death By The Gun").

The package features Niagara artwork, stunning photos and a couple of videos shot
on the night.

Niagara & The Hitmen is OUT NOW in Australia through Shock
The Official Website of Hitmen Australia
"Niagara & The Hitmen"
Little Doll  
You're Gonna Die
I Love You But You're Dead  
Real Cool Time
I Died a Thousand Times  
Anyone Can Fuck Her
TV Eye
Another Lost Weekend
Death by the Gun  
Little Doll (video)
You're Gonna Die (video)
New LIVE album

“St Valentine's Day Massacre”

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